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Kazakhstan Uzbekistan Tour Package

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Day 1 – Arrive at Almaty

  • Reach Almaty International Airport, where you’ll meet our representative who’ll transfer you to a designated hotel. Check-in to your hotel, and after relaxing for some time, you’ll enjoy a short tour of the city.
  • You’ll visit Panfilov Park, Medeo skating rink Zenkov Cathedral, and Central Mosque.
  • Enjoy a cable car ride to Kok-Tobe, the highest point in the city that offers breathtaking panoramic views. 
  • Return to your hotel in the evening and enjoy an overnight stay.
Day 2: Reach Baikonur
  • In the morning, you’ll fly to KyzylOrda and drive to Baikonur, a spaceport in southern Kazakhstan.
  • Visit the city’s popular attractions, such as the Museum of Baikonur Cosmodrome History that houses fascinating exhibits, including various models of rockets, spaceship artifacts, and personal items of Sergei Korolyov and Yuri Gagarin.
  • Return to your hotel in the evening and have a soothing sleep.

Day 3: Enjoy sightseeing of Baikonur

  • Have a yummy breakfast and your hotel, and proceed ahead for some of the best experiences.
  • You’ll witness a rocket getting launched into space right in front of your eyes. Listen and feel the earth shake tremendously as “Soyuz” blasts off and takes off into the earth’s stratosphere.
  • Visit the memorial house of Sergei Korolev and Yuri Gagarin and launch complexes.
  • Return to your hotel and doze off to catch the excitement awaiting the next day.

Day 4: Make your way to Turkestan

  • Check out from your hotel as you’ll board a train to reach the ancient city of Turkestan. During the journey, you’ll be provided refreshments, and you can enjoy the breathtaking Kazakh landscape during your journey.
  • Once you reach Turkestan, you’ll visit the mausoleum of Hodzha Ahmed Yassavi, who was the great Muslim sage.  
  • You’ll check out the bathhouses in the afternoon and indulge in relaxing therapy.
  • Check in to a hotel in the evening and have a relaxing sleep.

Day 5 – Arrive at Tashkent

  • Drive to the Kazakh – Uzbek border, and on the way, you’ll stop off to visit the museum in Shoulder village and the Otrar ruins that were known to be the birthplace of the medieval era philosopher Abu Nasr al-Farabi.
  • Once you reach Tashkent, you’ll have a tour of the historical sites and popular scenic attractions. 
  • Check in to your hotel in the evening and have an overnight stay.

Day 6 – Reach Khiva

  • As per the Kazakhstan Uzbekistan Tour Package, you’ll check out of your hotel in the morning and catch a flight to Urgench.
  • About forty kilometers from Urgench is the city of Khiva, dotted with carefully renovated mudbrick buildings and ancient Islamic architecture. It also has beautiful palaces, well-preserved ruins, and awe-inspiring mausoleums. 
  • You’ll visit the Djuma Mosque, which has two hundred and twelve wooden carved columns and is the city’s spiritual center.
  • You’ll also visit the former home of Aurang-Khan and Kunya-Ark fortress.
  • Witness the grandeur and magnificence of the Tash Hauli Palace that exhibits Asian secular architecture of the nineteenth century.
  • Check in to your hotel in the evening and doze off to sleep.

Day 7 – Head to Bukhara


  • Check-out from your hotel as you’ll proceed ahead to reach Bukhara, crossing the Amu Darya river and Kyzyl-Kum desert.
  • On the way, you’ll stop for a delectable lunch and meet the Karakul sheep experts that are famous in this part of Central Asia.
  • Continue your journey to Bukhara, a historical destination and a popular pilgrimage site.
  • Check in to a designated hotel and have an overnight sleep.

Day 8 – Bukhara Sightseeing

  • As per the Kazakhstan Uzbekistan Tour Package, you’ll relish a tasty breakfast, and you’ll proceed ahead to enjoy the sightseeing tour of the city.
  • You’ll visit Lyabi Hauz Place that was created during the seventeenth and the sixteenth century. It comprises a plaza built of water with various buildings around the edge. 
  • Proceed ahead to visit Poi-Kalyan place, an architectural ensemble built in the sixteenth and the seventeenth centuries on the Registan square in Bukhara. 
  • Have a lavish dinner at the Nodir Divan Begi madrasah. You can also enjoy here a traditional folk show where the local performers will sing and dance to the soothing tunes.
  • Return to your hotel in the evening and have an overnight stay.

Day 9 – Explore the city of Bukhara

  • Enjoy a scrumptious breakfast and proceed ahead to visit the popular attractions of the city.
  • Visit the Sitorai Mokhi Khosa that was the former residence of Bukhara’s Emir and is renowned for its architectural brilliance.
  • You’ll also visit the Royal Mosque of Bolo Khauz, the Bukhara’s emirs’ official place of worship.
  • In the afternoon, you’ll visit the Bahauddin Naqshband ensemble, a popular pilgrimage stop renowned for its intricate blue tile work and central dome.
  • Return to your hotel in the evening and have a relaxing sleep.

Day 10 – Drive to Samarkand

  • As per the Kazakhstan Uzbekistan Tour Package, you’ll relish a tasty breakfast, and you’ll check out from your hotel as you’ll proceed ahead to reach Samarkand via Shakhrisabz.
  • You’ll stop in between to have a sightseeing tour of Shakhrisabz, an ancient and picturesque city of Uzbekistan.
  • Visit the Ak-Saray Palace, one of the few surviving structures after Shahrisabz’s bizarre. You can get a taste of royal life by visiting this breathtaking palace.
  • Relish a delectable lunch and continue your journey to Samarkand.

Day 11 – Explore the city of Samarkand

  • Check in to your hotel and get ready to explore the beautiful city of Samarkand.
  • You’ll visit the Bibi-Khanym Mosque, renowned for its huge blue dome and breathtaking architecture.
  • Visit Registan Square, a public square where people gathered to have important meetings. It has a Gur-Emir mausoleum and three madrasas where you can seek spiritual bliss.

Day 12 – Samarkand sightseeing

  • Relish a tasty breakfast at your hotel and get ready to unearth the historical attractions of the city. 
  • As per the Kazakhstan Uzbekistan Tour Package, you’ll visit Shakhi-Zinda, a mini necropolis comprising looming buildings with narrow streets, sparkling blue-tiled tombs, and mausoleums.
  • Visit Ulugbek observatory, the biggest observatory in Central Asia built during the 1420s.
  • In the afternoon you’ll visit a paper-making factory and learn the art of making paper.
  • Return to your hotel in the evening and get back to sleep to enjoy the amazing adventures of the next day.

Day 13 – Reach Tashkent

  • Check out from your hotel and make your way back to Tashkent, which is the capital of Uzbek.
  • The four hundred-miles journey will take you across the enthralling terrain of Uzbekistan and will allow you to get up-close and personal with nature. 
  • Stop off at village Bakhmal for a quick lesson on the making of cotton honey by the experts.
  • Once you arrive at Tashkent, check in to your hotel and enjoy dinner before you doze off to sleep.

Day 14 – Depart to your hometown

  • Relish a buffet breakfast and check-out from your hotel as your interesting tour finally comes to a closure
  • You’ll be transported to the airport to board a flight to your hometown, taking back happy memories of the trip that will remain registered in the recess of your mind forever.


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