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Lodhi Delhi

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Standard without Pool20496
Garden Terrace without Pool21567
Signature Terrace without Pool22638
Lodhi with Pool30136
Lodhi Deluxe with Pool32279
Lodhi Premier with Pool34421
Signature Terrace Suite without Pool40741
Garden Terrace Suite without Pool38599
One Bedroom Suite with Pool45026
Verandah Pool Suite47169
Lodhi Signature Suite with Pool49311
Lodhi Suite – 2 Bedroom Suite with Pool65272
Lodhi Deluxe Suite – 2 Bedroom Suite with Pool69557
Lodhi Premier Suite – 2 Bedroom Suite with Pool73841
Extra Bed (12-18 Years Only)12050
*Rates are subject to change if the Resort is Running sold out during peak & Long weekends, Please confirm Net rates for those dates.
*Hotel can deny Inventory if in case Sold Out, OR hotel getting better Rate online.


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