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5 countries that offer retirement visas.

5 countries that offer retirement visas.

Retirement marks the beginning of a new chapter in life, filled with the promise of relaxation, exploration, and adventure. As an increasing number of retirees seek to spend their golden years in new and exciting surroundings, A few countries offer retirement visas that are designed specifically to offer a new way of life without you having to invest or work in the country. Here, we round up the 5 countries that offer retirement visas one way or another. Take your pick!


You can apply for the migrant visa as a pensioner (Retired M visa) foreigner with a constant monthly income derived from a pension.

What it offers: This visa is valid for up to three years and does not allow you to work in the country. This time can also be counted as accumulation for a resident visa (which requires a five-year stay in the country).

Eligibility: Individuals who earn a pension equal to three months’ worth of minimum wages in Colombia and have a health coverage in the country can gain this visa, and request visas for their spouse; children up to 25 years of age; and any children with physical or mental disabilities.


Thailand recently introduced the Long-Term Residence (LTR) visa, which is open to four categories of foreigners, including retirees aged 50 years and over (‘wealthy pensioners’).

What it offers: A 10-year multiple entry renewable visa, fast-track service at Thai airports, tax exemption for overseas income and a work permit among other privileges.

Eligibility: Those that match the age criterion must also have a personal annual income of at least Rs65,61,800 at the time of application.


UAE has a Golden Visa program specific to retired individuals, but it’s possible to settle in the country without residence by investment through a residence visa for the retired.

What it offers: Renewable five-year visa with multiple entry access to UAE.

Eligibility: Applicants must be at least 55 years of age, or have work experience of at least 15 years. They must own one or multiple properties valued at AED 1 million.


Italy’s Elective Residence Visa is for those who can sustain their residence in the country through existing assets, and does not grant the individual right to work.

What it offers: Permit to reside in Italy, without working in the country, for 365 days, after which the visa can be renewed.

Eligibility: Those who can prove a stable pension income as well as housing and financial resources.


Indonesia offers a visa for elderly and retired individuals, which can be extended up to five times consecutively.

What it offers: Stay in the country for a period of one year. Individuals are not allowed to work under this visa.

Eligibility: Individuals aged 55 years and above, who can provide a guarantee letter from a tourism board as a guarantor. Proof of at least a limited amount of funds and health insurance.

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