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Weekend Getaways from Bangalore this Monsoon


Distance: ~70 km

Anthargange is a unique destination near Bangalore, known for its volcanic rock formations, caves, and trekking opportunities. The monsoon season enhances the greenery and makes the exploration of its natural features even more exciting. 


Distance: ~60 km

Savandurga, home to one of the largest monolith hills in Asia, is a fantastic destination for adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers. The imposing granite hill, comprising Billigudda (white hill) and Karigudda (black hill), offers stunning views and a challenging trek. During the monsoon season, the surrounding landscape turns lush and green, providing a refreshing escape from the city.


Distance: ~240 km

Famous for its coffee estates and the Mullayanagiri peak, the highest in Karnataka, Chikmagalur offers a refreshing retreat. The monsoon season enhances the beauty of places like Hebbe Falls and Baba Budangiri.

BR Hills (Biligiriranga Hills)

Distance: ~180 km

BR Hills is a unique blend of Eastern and Western Ghats’ flora and fauna. The monsoon season brings a fresh lease of life to the forests, making it an ideal spot for nature walks and wildlife spotting.

Shivanasamudra Falls

Distance: ~135 km

Shivanasamudra is a stunning destination famous for its majestic waterfalls and scenic beauty. Located on the banks of the Kaveri River, it splits into two segments: Gaganachukki and Bharachukki Falls. During the monsoon season, these waterfalls are at their most spectacular, making Shivanasamudra an excellent choice for a weekend getaway from Bangalore.


Distance: ~220 km

This quaint hill station is adorned with numerous coffee plantations and scenic landscapes. The monsoon season is ideal for visiting places like Manjarabad Fort, Bisle Ghat, and the many trekking trails.

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